DIY Crayon and Chanel Pumpkin!

DIY Crayon and Chanel Pumkin

Crayon Pumpkin Supplies: Pumpkin, Crayons, Lighter, Hairdryer
Step #1– Peel the paper off of all the Crayons you want to use.
Step #2– Using your lighter, briefly run the flame over the end of the Crayon and place directly below the stem with the point facing outward. (the end of the Crayon will be slightly melted and will easily stick to pumpkin) Repeat Step 2 until you’ve placed all crayons in a circle at the base of the stem.
Step #3– Cover area with a garbage bag or tarp (this part gets a little messy) Place your hair dryer directly on top of each Crayon until melted. Use your hairdryer to steer the melted wax towards the base of the pumpkin to create dripping affect.
Step #4– Show off to all your friends!

Crayon Pumkin

Chanel Pumpkin Supplies: Printed outline of Chanel logo, Carving tools, Pins, Scissors (stencil cutter)
Step #1– Hollow out pumpkin
Step #2– Cut out the Chanel Logo (don’t worry about the inner part of logo)
Step #3– Hold your printed logo over the desired area of the pumpkin. Grab a sewing pin in the other hand and stick pins all the way around the edges of the paper, creating an outline of the Chanel Logo.
Step #3– Pull away all paper. Carve away the middle first. Insert carving tool directly next to pins, pulling out one by one as you go. The pins are a guideline of where to cut next- do this slowly for best results! Do the same for the outer edges, leaving a few small areas un-punctured so that the center stays intact!
Step #4– Stick a candle inside!

DIY Chanel Pumkin A4DE7BA8-1A8A-4E68-9F36-8F9891E43D70

love, court

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